Yunadent Ayurvedic Medicinal Tooth Paste 90G

  • It has various herbs which has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-bleeding properties. This unique concoction contains a mild abrasive ingredient that gives natural polish and natural white appearance, while the other herbs used in nourishes the gums, and helps in healing sensitivity, bleeding gums, dental pain, cavity cleaning, jaw weakness, root canal infection and gives natural dental polish to all age group of users
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Yunadent Ayurvedic Medicinal Tooth Paste



Pistacia Lentiscus QUERUCUS INFECTORIA GALLS Juglan Regia Anacyclus Pyrethrum Mimusops Elengi Camphor IP Bambusa Arudinacea Alum Piper Nigirum Caryophyllus Aromaticus



Take 2 pinches of YUNADENT powder on your left palm and with toothbrush in your right hand or with your right hand fore finger. Just Apply and rub YUNADENT POWDER for full long 2 minutes gradually on entire tooth line with some extra time on affected teeth twice a day. Twice means ; the first time after having your last meal of the day, before going to bed , and second time early morning ,but after drinking 2 glasses of water , please repeat the same cleaning process as mentioned above.

You should keep using YUNADENT on daily basis, for your daily oral hygiene, And motivate other family members to use YUNADENT, to avoid such problem as you suffered.

After using YUNADENT , you do not need to use any other tooth paste/ gel or powder at all.

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