Venpoosani Legiyam 125G

Venpoosani Legiyam Acts as an Aphrodisiac and Promotes General Wellbeing. It Nourishes the Entire System and Rejuvenates the Vital Organs. White Discharge, Burning Micturition, Diseases of Genitalia and Pitha Diseases.

DOSAGE: 5-10 gm should be taken thrice daily, preferably after food.


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Venpoosani Legiyam acts as an aphrodisiac and promotes general wellbeing. It nourishes the entire system and rejuvenates the vital organs. To treat white discharge, burning micturition, diseases of genitalia and pitha diseases.


5-10 gm should be taken thrice daily preferably after food.

Weight .125 kg

Annai Aravind

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