Cumin-Uzhavu 200G

Organic Cumin 

Cumin or jeera is a common ingredient in Indian kitchens. Apart from adding flavor to a dish, it has got health benefits too.

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Cumin-Uzhavu 100G

Organic Cumin 

Cumin or jeera is a common ingredient in Indian kitchens. Apart from adding flavor to a dish, it has got health benefits too.

Cumin (also known as Jeera) has a richness of history to give it a special place in the world of spices. Ancient Egyptians used it for the mummification process. And the humble jeera is a part of almost every Indian kitchen and on a hot summer day it’s sheer bliss to have a glass of buttermilk with a dash of cumin powder. Roasted jeera has a very unique flavor and adds much taste to an ordinary dish like aloo ki sabzi. Apart from taste, cumin has lots of health benefits and that’s why you should ass it in your diet. The scientific name for cumin is Cuminum cyminum.

Cumin is available both in its whole seed form and ground into a powder.

Health Benefits

Cumin seeds are rich in iron, which is a vital element of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin helps in transporting oxygen from lungs to every single body cell. Iron is also an essential part of the key enzyme systems responsible for energy production and metabolism. Iron is also important for a healthy immune system.

Cumin seeds are healthy for menstruating, pregnant as well as lactating women, along with growing children and adolescents, who are in greater need for iron.

These seeds are highly effective in treating sleeplessness. A combination of fried powder of cumin seeds, along with a ripe banana, can induce peaceful sleep.

Cumin seeds can be used for treating amnesia or dullness of memory.

These seeds help boost proper digestion and nutrient assimilation. They stimulate the secretion of pancreatic enzymes and thus, contribute to healthy digestion process.

Cumin seeds, when taken along with milk and honey, prove extremely healthy for pregnant women. They help in the healthy development of foetus, facilitate easy child birth and also boost the quantity of breast milk secretion.

These seeds are beneficial in treating renal colic. They have to be taken with caraway seeds and black salt, for this treatment.

Cumin seeds may have anti-carcinogenic properties. Their anti-carcinogenic property is recognized by their strong radical scavenging abilities and capacity to increase the liver’s detoxification enzymes.

These seeds can be used effectively to treat flatulence, diarrhea, nausea and atonic dyspepsia.

Diluted cumin water has antiseptic properties and can come to aid for common cold and fevers. This water, when mixed with ginger, gives great relief to someone suffering from sore throat.

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